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About the Author

"I've made Writers Workshop a platform for exciting new writers for over half a century. Most exciting for me is the discovery of a phenomenal talent like Arunabha Sengupta. My only fear is he might divert his literary excellence to semi-literary and fringe-literary fields, and he'll excel in that too - but what a loss for Cleo the Muse and Sarasvati devi that would be!" Professor Lal, poet and founder of Writers Workshop India

Arunabha Sengupta is a true Gemini. He has numerous interests and several passions, which cause him to tread dangerously on the path of being a Jack-of-All-Trades and a Master-of-None.

When he is not in front of the keyboard of his PC at office hating the day when he joined the software profession, he alternates between being a writer, a husband, a father, a long time student of Karate and Aikido, a cricket enthusiast, a voracious reader on numerous subjects, an animal lover, an enthusiastic chess player and an untalented sketch-artist.

He completed his Masters in Statistics from the Indian Statistical Institute. Five years of drudgery with theorems, lemmas and graphs resulted in his graduating with distaste for means, medians and modes. However, he did emerge with a plethora of pluses, including active involvement in writing, non-statistical reading, aikido and karate as well as a wife in the form of his classmate Rumela.

He joined the Software Industry from campus. His daughter, Meha, was born in 2000 a lovable Y2K problem, and like her parents, a Gemini.

On a couple of occasions, he has contributed award-winning articles to the Times of India . He has also written articles for Tehelka.

Labyrinth, his first novel, was published in 2004, with international re-publication in 2006. It was the product of three months of bed rest, caused by a fractured femur, when he had nothing better to do than to hook up his PC next to his bed and get a novel out of his system.

The versatile Bowled Over, was a result of his addiction to cricket and his new idea of story telling - popularly known as Senantix.

Big Apple 2 Bites was published in 2007, a result of his experiences during the days of 9/11, outsourcing and the general madness of the world.

The Best Seller was written when he was living in Amsterdam with the threat of downsizing ever looming on the crisis ridden horizon. Ironically named for an indie author, it received excellent reviews from ForeWord Clarion Reviews and topped several categories in the Amazon Marketplace, the Kindle version actually qualifying as a bonafide best seller. As in Big Apple, this tale also talks of the falsehood in the makebelieve world and of the few values that are true and eternal.

"I am not influenced by any author as such ... however I do have my favourites. Louis Ferdinand Celine would be one of them, Fernando Pessoa another ... whereas just from the point of view of language and humour, I would pick P.G. Wodehouse.

"When enjoyment takes a backseat and one focuses on the richenss of ideas and depth of realisation, I would definitely go with Dostoyevsky."

Well, Sengupta has been compared to a composite of Wodehouse and Grisham after Labyrinth was published.

"I would not say that I am influenced by Wodehouse, but I try to use humour ... and Wodehouse has had an impact on humorous use of Language. So, no humorist, good or lousy, can escape comparisons with the great man," says Sengupta.

"Some geeks have all the talent" - The Hindu

"Brings out the versatility and strength of Indian English Literature" - Book Review India

"A volcanic talent" Professor Lal, poet and founder of Writers Workshop India

"A most refreshing sense of humour" Shyamala Narayan, Book Review India

"I like the chutzpa of his work" - Joe Winter, poet